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Hoi! Ik ben

I'm a 29 year-old Dutch illustrator who lives and works in Amersfoort, the coziest city in the Netherlands (in my humble opinion). In my illustrations, you'll find lots of influences from nature and the tiny moments in life that bring joy. To bring that feeling of bliss onto paper (or in my case: my iPad); that gives me butterflies. And now you know how I work: I use a mixture of digital and mostly watercolors that I edit on my computer. I love the freedom that this gives me and the world of opportunities that come along with digital illustrating. My work is filled with tiny details that bring a smile to your face and give it a quirky feel. Maybe you wonder (if you're not Dutch) what the name Bladergoud means. In Dutch it's a twist on the word gold foil. Literally, it's Leaf Gold, which combines my love for nature and everything that sparkles. I'm secretly a magpie! If there's a possibility to add a tiny sparkle to my work, I'll take it. In my eight years of being a fulltime illustrator and running a succesful webshop, I've learned so much. And I will continue to do that while developing my own unique style. Have a lovely day and enjoy my work!

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